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We accomodate your needs!

From the office luncheon to the friendly get together, let Petty’s Meat Market Not only save you time,
but make any occasion memorable. Petty’s Deli offers the finest homemade salads available, using only the Freshest of ingredients.
We proudly feature Boar’s Head Products along with many other premium brands for all your party needs.

  • $40.00 15 – 20 people $50.00 25 – 30 people
    Vegetable Platter

    An assortment of only the freshest seasonal vegetables, served with your choice of Petty’s famous dips.

  • $49.99 15-20 people
    Deluxe Vegetable Platter

    Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Green Beans, Carrots and Roasted Peppers quickly blanched for opti- mum flavor served with our fantastic garlic dip.

  • $40.00 10-15 people $60.00 20-30 people
    Fruit Platter

    Fresh seasonial fruit served in bite size pieces & served with homemade fruit dip.  

  • Small $45.00 – Large $65.00
    Fresh Fruit & Cheese Platter

    Our fruit and cheese trays are as pretty as a picture! The freshest selection of fruits are selected to accompany our gourmet selections of cheeses.  

  • $29.00 single ball $34.99 double ball $39.99 triple ball
    Cheese Ball Platter

    Petty’s special cheese ball served with sliced smoked gouda cheese and gourmet crackers

  • $4.99 per person (10 person Minimum)
    Cheese Platter

    An assortment of domestic & imported cheeses ,served chunked or sliced.  

  • $5.99 (10 person Minimum)
    Meat Platter

    Your choice of the finest sliced Boar’s Head meats served with Mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard.  

  • $5.49 per person (10 person Minimum)
    Meat & Cheese Combination Platter

    The finest sliced meats & cheeses, served with mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard.

  • $39.99 serves 20-25
    Petty's Assorted Dip Platter

    Our famous spinach, fantastic garlic, red onion and country vegetable dips along with a petty’s special cheeseball make the perfect platter . Chips and crackers make it a party centerpiece.

  • $30.00 10-15 people
    Spinach Bread Platter

    A Rustic Rosemary Boule filled with Spinach Dip and served with crackers

  • Small…$35.00 Large…$45.00
    7-Layer Dip

    This tasty tray is a big hit for any party!!

  • $6.49 per person
    Petty's Finger Sandwiches

    Your choice of Tuna, Ham Salad, Roast Beef, Turkey or Ham are Served on white, wheat, rye and marble rye. Arranged on a platter for the perfect sandwich snack! Mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard included.

  • $5.49 per person
    Petty's Mini Sandwich Platter

    Your choice of Roast Beef, Ham and Turkey cocktail sandwiches served with or without cheese. Mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard included.

  • $ 6.49 per person
    Deluxe Sandwich Platter

    Wheat and White Kaisers, Onion Rolls & gourmet wraps are stuffed with Roast Beef, Ham, Turkey and cheese then cut in half and arranged on a platter for your delight. Mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard included.

  • The Super Sub

    The All American $20.00 Deposit Required on Sub Serving Board The Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham with Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served with mayonnaise and Boar’s Head mustard. The Italian Combo Hot Cappicola, Salami, Pepperoni and Provolone with lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers & Italian dressing. $40.00 3 foot 12 – 15 people $80.00 6 foot 15 – 20 people The Toppers To top off your sandwiches… lettuce, tomato, onion, pepperoncini, banana peppers & pickles $18.00 8 people —$1.00 per additional person

  • $3.99 per person
    Pasta Salad Sampler

    Your choice of four of the following: Pasta Primavera, Garlic Parmesan Pasta, Macaroni Salad, Macaroni and Mozzarella, Broccoli and Bowtie Pasta or Oriental Pasta Salad.Trayed and garnished to your custom creation.

  • $3.99 per person
    Deli Salad Sampler

    Your choice of four of the following: Egg Potato Salad, Scandinavian Potato Salad, German Potato Salad, Riotous Bean Salad, Black bean Orzo, British Pea Salad or Fruit Salad. Trayed and garnished to your custom creation.

  • $4.99 per person
    Fresh Salad Sampler

    Your choice of four of the following: Chicken Mango, Oriental Chicken, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Dill Chicken, Ham, Tuna or Krab Sal-ads.Trayed and garnished to your custom creation.

  • $40.00 8-12 people $55.00 12-20 people
    Hye Roller Supreme

    A Petty’s Specialty Your choice of Italian, Roast Beef, Turkey Club or vegetarian, sliced and served on a platter.

  • $59.99 15-20 people
    Antipasta Platter

    An assortment of Italian delights that includes marinated olives, pepperoncini calamata olives, pepper shooters marinated artichoke hearts, provolone cheese and salami coronets.

  • 30 Pieces… $29.99 60 Pieces… 59.99
    Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

    Sweet cherry tomatoes cored and stuffed with you choice of mango chicken, dill chicken & tuna salads or Petty’s spinach dip. Truly perfection.

  • $74.99 20-30 people $99.99 30-40 people
    Steamed Shrimp Platter

    Seasoned cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined ,served with cocktail sauce.

  • $59.99 10-15 people $79.99 20 25 people
    Smoked Chilean Salmon Platter

    Smoked Chilean Salmon with cream cheese. red onions, chopped eggs, and capers. Served with sliced sourdough bread.

  • $45.99 12-15 people $22.00 per additional lb.
    Sashimi Tuna Platter

    Pan Seared Tuna, served with pickled ginger, wasabi & soy sauce,

  • $69.99
    Spicy or Original Chicken Fingers

    Boneless spicy or lightly seasoned chicken fingers, served with blue cheese dressing & celery sticks

  • Small… $35.00 50 pieces Large… $60.00 100 pieces
    Deviled Eggs

    Farm fresh eggs are stuffed with our famous deviled egg mixture and topped with olive slices.

  • Market Price
    Gourmet Stuffed Mushrooms

    Fresh and homemade Seafood, Sausage, Pancetta and Gorgonzola or Spinach and Prosciutto stuffed mushrooms make a great addition to any occasion.

  • $65.00
    Petty's Famous Wings

    Your choice of Traditional, Southern Style, or Baked Roasted Garlic Wings, cooked to perfection and ready for any occasion. serves 15 – 20 persons

  • $2.49 ea
    Mini Beef or Chicken Wellington

    Mouth watering filet mignon or juicy pieces of chicken hand wrapped with pate’ into a flaky puff pastry. Trayed & decorated add $7.00

  • Larges from $12.99 each Mini…$1.19 each

    We make homemade quiches in different sizes to suit your occasion. Each quiche is filled with an assortment of our special fillings and cooked in a flaky crust. Trayed & decorated add $7.00

  • $5.99/LB
    Cocktail Meatballs

    Our very popular cocktail meatballs are cooked with your choice of our homemade Sweet & Sour, Swedish, or Marinara Sauces.

  • $65.00 10-20 people $99.00 20-40 people
    Baked brie

    Brie wrapped in puff pastry and baked to a golden brown. Served with sliced sourdough bread.

  • Whole $69.99 serves 20 – 25 people Half $35.99 serves 10 – 15 people
    Baked Ham Platter

    We choose only the most delectable hams and bake them “Virgina Style”. Sliced, trayed and decorated.

  • Small $65.00 serves 10-15, Large $110.00 serves 20-25
    Homemade Roast Beef Platter

    Our famous seasoned roast beef is cooked, sliced and arranged decoratively on a platter.

  • Market Price
    Tenderloin Platter

    A whole filet Mignon is seasoned to perfection then slow roasted to bring rave reviews from all of your guests. The tenderloin is cut and arranged beautifully on a platter or left whole upon request. Horseradish, Bernaise and rolls are available upon request